Thursday, 20 December 2012

Year End Sale! (YES!)

Year End Sale is here again. Everywhere, everyday.. semua outlets, and shops nak put up the SALE sign, so that the consumers (which is us) can contribute to the economic growth of Malaysia.. As for me, I'm too tempted to shop to end the year 2012. And start the year 2013, with NEW resolution, NEW hope, NEW aim, NEW energy, NEW look (if I get to buy new clothes, and new outfit)..  to keep going for the whole year.

What's your NEW year resolution??? If losing weight / Get in shape / trying to be healthier is one of it, I can give you a BONUS to achieve that goal..

As for supporting the YEAR END SALE, you can get a GREAT offer for a PB set. Start wearing PB, and you will start to see the effects even before you know it. And why not make that new year resolution a DREAM come true for 2013!!

Seriously, a really GREAT offer is waiting for you. Just give me a call / whatsapp / email.  

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Another happy news to be shared

This is another happy news that I want to share. Another PB customer of mine started wearing PB since June this year. She's been trying to conceive for about a year or so, and alhamdulillah now she's about 7 weeks pregnant. Congrats K. Jue!!! another addition to the family!!!..

It doesnt really matter if you want to put it as coincidence, or memang dah rezeki dari Allah..and not really solely because of PB (Premium beautiful) on its own.., but the fact that it works on many2 people.. therefore there's nothing to loose to try it out.. But the most important fact is that, no matter what the reason is, I just have to share this news to all.

Finally its great to know that one of my PB customer now is even more in love with PB.. and K. Jue dear, yes I definitely recommend PB to bring you back in shape after you dah bersalin nnt.. heheh.. To all out there, why wait when you can try out PB for FREE. Contact me for more details.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Thank you teachers...

Today is the day where Teach For Malaysia fellows start their new amazing and definitely rewarding journey. Their institute is the start where they will learn the most effective way of teaching kids using the TAL framework. I envy these AWESOME people.. they are going to drive the change.. join the mission to create a huge movement.. Good luck 2013 Fellows!!! May you all have a wonderful, challenging and definitely WORTH the experience of this 2 years journey.

So, today I taught my son Adam to jump.. He could just about to jump properly with 2 feet lift from the ground.. He's 2 years old.. but I guess probably since he's a bit buncit.. its quite heavy to lift that 2 chubby legs too.. hahaha.. But of course, I put all the cushion around, just in case he fall straight on his penyet nose.

Anyway, while jumping, Adam started counting.. One.. two.. three.. four.. five.. six.. eight.. nine.. ten!!!!.. Then he count in Malay.. AND I was shocked!!! I definitely didn't taught him that yet.. So surprised that he can already count satu until sepuluh!!.. Yeay!! Thank you teachers for teaching my son these valuable stuff in the nursery.. I didn't expect much of my son, coz he loves doing things his own way, and learn new things at his own pace.. Plus he's only 2.. I don't want to put the unnecessary pressure on him yet.. He's supposed to play and play.. and keep playing.. and the most important thing is.. to LOVE going to school and play with friends.. We can study and study a bit later.. hehe.

Once again, thank you teachers.. No matter what you teach.. whom you teach.. you are always in the students' heart in so many ways.. that includes me.. Thank you!

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Morning Singing Routine

EVERY weekdays morning, the journey to the nursery will always be filled with ME singing the nursery rhymes. I started this when Adam was about 8 months old.. because  he always cries in the car during the ride to the nursery.. Now that he understand that he has to go to school, and that its FUN at school.. I dont really have to sing to him anymore..

However, with Dahlia (she's already 10 months old).. She started to cry during the ride to school since 2 months ago.. AND the only thing that can make her calm is by singing the nursery rhymes to her.. Now that I have been singing the same old routine for this 2 months.. Its started to become a bit too boring to Adam. I guess I have to learn more songs now..

Usual routine:
1) If You're Happy and You Know..
2) Baa Baa Black Sheep
3) Baa Baa Kambing Hitam
4) Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
5) The Wheels on The Bus
6) Eensy Weensy Spider

Thankfully the journey to the nursery isnt that far, and usually I'll finish the song just on time before we arrive. However, Adam has started to say, "nanak!!" so it means nak lagu lain.. hahahaha.. Orite, start cracking my brain to learn new songs..

New routine:
1) hmmmm... can start with Barney.. that's quite catchy.. I Love You...

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

something new

NEW is always refreshing.. New may not always be good, but it is definitely worth the try to explore new experience.. gain new perspectives.. and of course learn new things.

This is a whole new business that the family is venturing.. "Adelia Inspiration"
- Variety of girls dresses has been put online in FB. More to come insyaAllah.
- Definitely worth to check it out as the price is very2 reasonable
- Quality of goods is guaranteed, as most of the dress are cotton, and is very comfortable
- I'll make sure that the service is tip top as well (will ship out as soon as payment is received)
- Like the page if you want to be updated on new stocks

A few dresses that I bought for my daughter because they are tooooooooo cute.. :D
Check it out!! Drop a FB message for any items that you would like to buy.. (as order form has not been created yet)

  LOVE it..

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Planning your life

When you start to plan out your life, don't start with what to do for tomorrow, or next week..

Try to think beyond that. Start with how do you see yourself in 10 years time.. then reduce to a 5 year plan.. then to 1 year plan.. then the next month.. the next week.. and finally what can I do tomorrow. This will definitely give you a better perspective, and a clearer picture of what you want to achieve in life.

My reasons for planning your life ahead, simply because: 

However, do not forget that sometimes not everything turns out according to your plan. Therefore planning is good to have a clearer picture of your life goal, your mission.. But never plan out your plan too rigidly. This is because:


Of course you dont want to miss out the FUN part of life right??

In 10 years time, I see myself doing something I like and that I'm actually good at. I see myself doing something that I'm proud of and fulfilling. I see myself able to help support the family, having good quality time with my family, getting to be part of my kids life (and not just too busy with work). I hope I do not have to worry about financial problems, and I will be able to actually give more, rather than receive. 

Therefore: My 1 year goal is: to start finding the career that suits me best, my personality, my passion..and start to explore, learn from it, and start to be good at it. If the career path I chose does not come with good income, than probably doing side income is the answer (as for now I'm joining PB business.. Weeeeee!!!!).

And my 1 month / 1 week / 1 day plan:
- is to encourage my friends, and the people I know.. to join me on this amazing journey of PB. (good for side income.. and also rewarding when you get to help your friends to be healthy and in good shape).
- and this can be done by promoting a FREE PB trial to all of those who are interested. 

(it is as simple as trying on new clothes at the shopping mall.. you are not obliged to buy it if you don't feel like it.. but at least you can tell yourself that you have tried it on)

COME ON ladies.. book your appoointment for FREE PB trial

3 easy step:
1) Measure yourself (check on: How to Measure)
2) SMS / Whatsapp / email me your measurements
3) I will contact you once I have your sizes and we can arrange for FREE trial

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

A mother of 2 babies understands...

Me being a mother of two babies under the age of two, makes me one of the best person to understand....

1) The quality of a 5 minutes 'power' nap.. whenever possible.

2) The 30 minutes - 1 hour quality time that you have at night before going to bed, is OK if you spend it just to watch tv. Sometimes you may get to watch half a movie.. that's good enough for me :D

3) Going to work feeling tired, and exhausted after 5-6 times waking at night because your baby is sick.. Its OK to feel tired. Dont feel bad about it.. You just need to drink a few cups of coffee..

4) Eating a full proper meal at lunch (abes sampai licin pinggan tu..) is understandable when you do need a LOT of energy every single day.

5) Doing the house chores that seems simple and can be done in 10-15 minutes (like fold the clothes), may take longer at times.. like up to 1 hour. Its OK, as long as you make an effort to keep up with the chores, or sometimes may need help form others.

6) When a mum says that she'll be there on time.. give her up to 10minutes excuse to be late.. I understand when you have to attend to your babies first (especially poo-poo time, and mengamuks time that you just lost track of time)

7) Its all about your babies FIRST.. that you sometimes, put your needs and others as second.. Its ok, I'm like that too.. 

8) Shopping in malls / even tesco.. may no longer takes hours.. we can do it in 2 hours max.. Not that we dont enjoy strolling in malls.. But there's too much things to be done, plus the kids may not behave that well for long. Make full use of it..

9) ALL you want to do is to give the best that you can to your babies. 

10) Your angan2 to go jogging / workout / exercise... haha.. sometimes it remains as angan2 for quite some time. Not that the will power isnt there.. but sometimes, the time and other stuff weighs a lot more that an hour of workout session. ("sad") How to keep being healthy and fit?? How to shed off the preggy weight? 

I did put on quite a LOT of weight during my preggy time.. My cheeks can tell you that too.. haha..

I did do this a couple of times.. Running around stadium Bangi,..

Therefore, if my solution to be fit and healthy is by wearing Premium Beautiful (PB) corset, then BE it.. I'm not ashamed of it, as I need fast sustainable result and that is easy and effortless. Its just so AMAZING + AWESOME. 

So far, it keeps me in good shape / figure.. and if I get the chance to exercise, than that's just another BONUS.. Plus by joining the business, I get to do a side income on top of helping my friends to also be in better health and shape.. Isnt that just a dream come true?? Care to join this amazing journey? 

For FREE appointments, FREE PB trial
contact me: 012-9770385